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This is who I am when I don't know myself anymore

and this is what I choose when it's all left up to me.

Benjamin Luke Mason
20 March 1978
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Outside Over There
I fell ass over tea kettle into the land of outside over there and now I'm outside over here and there's no going back, even if I want to. I lost my wife and son to who knows where and not a single person seems to remember they even existed. That was three years ago, now I'm pretty solidly stuck with knowledge about a world I don't want to know about thanks to some guy in a bar when I was too drunk to think he was insane.
Where The Wild Things Are
[Family] Amy Mason (mother), Peter Mason (father), Paul Mason (older brother), Kasey Mason (sister-in-law), Lauren Mason (niece), Anna Mason (wife, missing), Tyler Mason (son, missing)

[Friends] Chase Jones/ truth_inthe_lie, Garth Disparue, Marc Scott/ a_modernmyth, Becca Williams/ a_early_winter (all also located on Supernatural Haven), Claire Hamilton

[Personality] Ben is driven, compassionate and family oriented. He is bitter about the loss of his family and tends to isolate himself from others because of it, but Ben has always been a social person so when he meets people, mainly other hunters, he has a tendency to almost cling to them. He likes helping others, even if it means moving around the country willy-nilly and he can't imagine stopping now that he knows the truth.

[History] Born and raised in Waterloo, Nebraska, Ben had a typical life. He went to the same school K-12 and knew everyone in his small town. He took up hobbies each school year; in kindergarten it was rock collecting, fourth grade was juggling, junior year was baseball; but his real passion had always been for art. He had a "natural talent" for it, according to all of his art teachers. So it was no surprise when Ben applied to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as an art major. There he met Anna James when both were freshman at orientation in May of 1996. Ben was outgoing and he and his partner during the tour were rambunctious and noisy. Anna found him to be obnoxious. Ben found Anna to be pompous. They discovered on Move In Day that they lived on the same floor of the same dorm. Neither was happy. It took most of the year before either could even get along civily to become friends.

It wasn't until they were juniors in college that they began dating. They both graduated in their senior year in May 2000 and by July of that yer they were engaged. They paid off their loans before marrying in June of 2003. Only a month and a half into their marriage, Anna announced she was pregnant. By April 2004, they had an infant son, Tyler James Mason. They were happy with wonderful jobs (he as a freelance illustrator and children's book author, and she as a preschool teacher) and a wonderful home with a wonderful son.

They camped voraciously, even with Tyler at such a young age, sticking close to Omaha. They took a family camping trip in August before school started for Anna and then everything halted to a stop. Ben was enjoying the campfire while Anna tucked Ty into bed, he dozed off outside in his chair waiting for Anna to come and enjoy the fire with him. He woke to the sun hitting him in the face. Anna had not returned to join him, she hadn't even come out to tell him to come to bed. When Ben went into their camper to check things out, he discovered no signs of his wife and son. All of Ty's toys and diapers were gone. There wasn't even a single binky laying on the floor. Likewise, all of Anna's clothes and pillow were gone. When he asked the ranger if he'd seen them, the ranger told him that he hadn't even seen Ben camping with anyone. Ben kept asking around in the town nearby and at other campsites. No one remembered seeing Ben's pretty blonde wife and young son. When Ben returned to Omaha, a complete mess, hoping for help from his family and friends, he was disheartened to discover they had no recollection of Ben having ever spoken of a girl named Anna, let alone marrying her and having a child with her. Even Anna's parents told Ben they had no daughter, and asked him to please leave. It got so bad that his parents began suggesting he see a psychiatrist and when he rrefused, it became a mission of theirs to get help for him. Even his brother got in on it, so it got to the point that he severed ties with them, almostly entirely.

He returned to the town near where he had last seen his family. He drank heavily in a bar one night and spoke drunkenly of his ordeal. Another man in the bar took interest and he and Ben spoke. He told Ben about monsters and spells and things that could happen that no one believed in, and he told Ben they were real. Ben woke up the next morning, hungover, miserable and no better off than he'd been before. But the ideas the old man in the bar gave him stuck. Ben found himself researching sueprnatural occurances and it wasn't long before he began to discover for himself that the old man was right and that things in the dark could be a lot scarier than he'd imagined. Ben began to hunt, still searching for Anna and Tyler and he has been hunting for the past three years.

Now it isn't about finding Anna and Tyler, though. It's about saving other families from experiencing the loss he had. He doesn't know where they are, he just hopes they're together.

Supernatural Haven
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